Visitor Parking On Campus

There are few parking options on campus.  Unfortunately, the most convenient options are not free.  However, there is a free option available if you are willing to walk about 20-30 minutes or take a campus-provided free bus.  The link below provides a list of campus parking options:

Parking Map PDF – here is a copy of SUNY Stony Brook’s parking map.  Visitor parking is marked by the ‘P’ symbol shown in the map’s legend.  Lot types are color coded.  Visitors have the options of dark green, orange, or black parking lots and garages.

If you chose the free option (dark green lot known as South P), you may take a Stony Brook University Bus to the Engineering Drive loop.  The bus will pick you up from its stop in the center of the South P parking lot (runs every 12 minutes).  After boarding the bus, it will make one stop in South Campus before driving to the Engineering Drive loop bus stop.  The Student Activities Center (SAC) is at the North end of the bus loop.  To get to the Free University’s hub walk to the left around the SAC following the building until you reach the academic mall and SAC plaza.  The table will be in the plaza area or in the main lobby if it is raining.

The Stony Brook University buses are free to all.

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