Free University





Dear Students, Allies,


The May Day Coalition is excited to announce this year’s Free University, in order to continue the student tradition of resistance against the privatization of public higher education. All graduates, undergraduates, faculty, administrators, workers, and community members are invited to teach a free, open, outdoor class on April 30th, 2015, on whatever they wish to whomever wishes to come, in order to contrast, and thereby protest, the increasing lack of access and transparency in our university and university system.


When: April 30th, all day

Where: SUNY-Stony Brook Main Campus (detailed maps and directions forthcoming!)

Who: Faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff of SUNY Stony Brook, plus community members, allies, and the general public (especially those denied access to higher education due to financial constraints).

How to participate: Faculty and students are invited to transport their regularly-scheduled classes to the Free University. Faculty, students, staff, and community members are also invited to propose their own classes/discussions/teach-ins for the Free University. All are welcome to participate as teachers, and all are welcome as students.

To sign up, go HERE!

Questions? Reach out to the May Day Coalition via

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