Free University 2016!

#freeu16 #freesb

Wednesday, APRIL 27TH 2016

The Stony Brook May Day Coalition has organized a FREE UNIVERSITY to actualize the promise of what we believe public higher education should be: free, open and accessible to all. By holding classes outside–in public view rather than behind closed doors–we will be the openness, the transparency, and the access that we demand from Stony Brook as a ‘public’ university. The Free University will also be a public demonstration of the value of Stony Brook’s staff, faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student labor. Together we resist the privatization and commodification of higher education.


Time Led By Description Location
7:45am-9 Free U Planning Committee Community Breakfast and Community Agreement Free U Hub

SAC Plaza

9am-10:20 Steven Licardi Coup de Mot: Spoken Word as a Vehicle for Social Change Classroom A
9am-10:20 Luna Vasquez and Jxhn Martin Marsha P. Johnson + Flower Crown Solidarity Classroom B
9:40am-10:20 Jas Ayers and Genie Ruzicka Transgender Issues: 101 Classroom C
10:30am-11:50 Caleb Ward Finding Intimacy Within an Indifferent Landscape Classroom A
10:30am-11:50 Luna Vasquez Nobody Passes: A Discussion on Passing Privilege   Classroom B
10:30am-11:50 Jxhn Martin Understanding the Neoliberal University Classroom C
11:30am-12:50 Esther Monius and Patrice Bryan Understanding Responsibility Politics Classroom F
12pm-12:50 Alyssa Adamson PHI 105 Politics and Society: Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow Ch. 1 Classroom E
12pm-12:50 Lisa Diedrich WST 103: Julia Alvarez’s novel How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Javits 110
2:30pm-3:50pm Marcus Brown and Alyssa Adamson Racial Capitalism: From Slavery to Mass Incarceration Classroom C
2:30pm-3:50pm Matthew Heidtmann The 2016 Election in Historical Context Classroom F
2:30pm-3:30pm Theresa Tiso WST 102: Gender and Identities: a Focus on Trans – Identities Classroom E
2:30pm-3:30 Students for Justice in Palestine Palestine 101 Classroom B
3:10pm-3:50 Sydney Monroe Virginity is a Social Fucking Construct Based in Heteronormativity Classroom A
4pm-4:50 Michael Kryluk PHI 100: Concepts of the Person Classroom F
5pm-6 Free U COMMUNITY DINNER Top of Staller Steps

Free University`